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The origins of Los Darlings remain unclear. Some say they are aliens, either illegal or extraterrestrial. Many have speculated that they are an alter ego of The Pacifiers but there is not substantial evidence to prove this. Only hearsay and hazy eyewitness accounts. It is known beyond much doubt that there is a connection between The Pacifiers and Los Darlings but The Pacifiers will not reveal the identities of Los Darlings and will not disclose the nature of the relationship between the two bands. 

Los Darlings are known for surfacing very rarely, and often without warning to play extended, eclectic sets of covers which leave audiences equal parts entertained and bewildered.

We were able to sign Los Darlings using The Pacifiers as an intermediary, a process during which the bands used an extremely sophisticated coding system so as to reveal minimal information to us, the label. The one piece of information we were able to glean about Los Darlings is that they may have originated in [REDACTED].

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