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LDR puts artists in control of their art while providing the tools and representation needed for them to succeed in Toronto’s diverse and ever-changing music scene, with further outlook to succeed globally

Our team of experienced music and business personnel will help you produce and market your original music, providing extensive services including audio production and mixing, media representation, venue booking, photography and brand development. With our unique business model, you will receive personally tailored development plans to help you grow and break into the Toronto music scene with the support you need to succeed.

Meet Our Team

Andy Binns Managing Director

A soul fascinated with performing as well as the ins and outs of organizing shows, do not be intimidated by his stature as Andrew Binns is only here to make sure you have the best time possible. Growing up Andy was obsessed with the classic Green Day live album, Bullet in a Bible and continues to pursue the feeling that countless nights falling asleep to the performance instilled within him. His career as a manager started when he first befriended Conor and booked his band, The Pacifiers at their high school’s semi-formal. Little did he know this would open the gates to Binns becoming the frontman for The Pacifiers and subsequently lead to them performing regularly at Originals Ale House. Armed with a degree in business from the University of Guelph Andrew will stop at nothing to ensure that if you are at a show be it behind the bar, on the stage, in the crowd or passing by on the sidewalk you’ll be having a good time.

Neal Ganguli Head of Media

Coming from a theatre background Neal’s experience on the stage has only heightened his understanding of how to make performers look better on it. Neal discovered his deep passion for photography while at university when he got his first camera and uncovered the joy that could be spread by providing others with high-quality photos of themselves. Whenever he would return home from his time studying Neal would make time to see his friend’s gigs, particularly The Pacifiers shows. It was on one fateful evening when Neal by chance brought his camera along to a show that he realized he could combine his love for music and photography. Once his passions were combined into one entity Neal quickly pursued any opportunity to capture the magic of performance. Acutely aware of the courage that it takes to step on stage, Neal’s personable nature and easygoing attitude will ensure that you feel comfortable and that whatever energy you bring to your performance will be preserved long after the encore.

Conor Lynch Artistic Director

Gleaning his knowledge of production from his time spent studying at the Centennial College Music Industry Arts and Performance program Conor is here to accomplish one thing, to make artists sound great. A serial band starter Conor accosted many of his childhood friends with the proposal of playing music and found success in this venture with his band, The Pacifiers. As a child, Conor spent much of his time playing along with and listening to classic Dad rock bands only discovering as he matured that rock music continued to evolve past the 1980s. It was through this indoctrination into rock music that he found a home playing the guitar, which he started learning at the age of 7, and though he gave up piano to pursue this passion he later reacquainted himself with the keys as he discovered their value in songwriting and producing. A seasoned performer and songwriter Conor’s ear for production remains unmatched and is at the full disposal of any who require it.

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Our History Est. 2020

What originally started as a conversation between bandmates, Wyatt Hautonga and Conor Lynch, was quickly ignited by a shared passion for live music and the city of Toronto, blossoming the duo’s scheme into a full-fledged business. In an effort to share their desire for musical expansion long-time friend and collaborator, Andrew Binns was assimilated into the proposal in hopes of utilizing his business savvy. The team used the forced downtime of the pandemic to lay the groundwork for what would become Little Depth Records and were quickly approached by photographer and expert people person, Neal Ganguli. Seeking to provide both artists and venues with the respect they deserve as well as expand the music tastes of all in attendance, LDR will stop at nothing to bring the best possible shows to the streets of Toronto. Though they say they have little depth their actions prove otherwise. As seen with their regular showcases at The Painted Lady and takeover of the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern where they capped off the summer of 2022 with a sold-out show. 

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